What are the advantages of our 3D pen when compared with several 3D pen in the market ?
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Design principle of this 3D pen is lightweight, it is much lighter than most of other ordinary 3D pen. Hand touched parts in 3D pen has excellent design to make your hand feel more comfortable to operate. Using detachable nozzle with low heating temperature can effectively avoid burns caused during using process. Moreover, our detachable nozzle is easier for?repair and replacement, which is better than many other ordinary 3D pen , because you do not have to discard whole pen as useless, you can just change the detachable nozzle and use your pen again.
?Our 3D pen has intelligent control to temperature and speed can be adjusted freely,  it is suitable for all 3D printing consumables on the market. Besides, Our test on 3D pen is quite strict, production personnel should carefully test any production which is about to send to the warehouse. Before sending to clients, our Quality Department will test again. That's why we can always win the high praise from customer .